Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CCIE voice renewal afterthoughts

* This is the second post on the CCIE voice renewal subject, for the first post, please click here.

Well, It took longer then I thought but I'm finally done for the next couple of years.

The delays had to do with some high priority meetings and tasks that required my full attention and didn't allow the required prep time. Since it is a $350 test, I chose to wait a little longer.

This brings me to think that the appropriate time to kick off the prep should be the 100 day mark, not the 60 like I said before. Since 60 turns into 30 pretty fast when you work in a full time job.

The CCIE in general and the voice CCIE in particular, are not a task that can be taken lightly. This test was and still is a tough one to pass, although it's 'just' the written, it's still hard. The required test (350-030) is a two hour test, which can have 90 to 110 questions! That's almost double the amount of questions from a typical 640-xxx test (ccna and ccnp). And in those tests you get 90 minutes. The simple math around it is that in a ccnp and ccna test you have around 90 seconds per question and in the CCIE voice you have 60 seconds.

Time management is crucial here, make sure to spend up to a minute per question and move on. When in doubt, use logical elimination and proceed, there are low hanging fruits at the end of the test and if you spend too much time in the beginning, you would loose them as well.

As for the prep material to the CCIE-V, the Call Manager SRND is a must, but you also need to learn those of the Call Manager express and the Contact Center Express SRND.

Some books that are available online are listed below, the first one is good for an overall reference source when doing a quick review/refresh of the knowledge and the second one is good for IOS related prep and catchup on Gateway and Gatekeeper and QoS:


Practical knowledge is also needed, do some labs and make sure you can configure a Call Manager, Gateway, CCX, presence etc.

Practice questions are important, but should only be used after you did all the reading and the labs. Those that jump right to them and try to memorize the test, are going to miss the point of the test and potentially fail, since the test is designed to trick the memorizers.

That's it, good luck and feel free to ask questions using the comments section below.


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