Monday, July 28, 2014

Android app permissions - To update or not to update, that is the question

Every now and then I go over my installed application list and check if any of them have an update. If there is an update and the features it brings are helpfull, it gets installed.

Today when I did this, facebook was showing that it had an update (actually it had an update for a while now) and when I clicked the details it looked like a useful one. Clicking on the update button brought up the following screen, which shows what additional access that app is requesting:

WOW, those guys really like to know as much as they can about us, don't they ...

you will not see this if you are an iPhone user and or if you have your update applied automatically in android but if you are a control freak, like me, well then you get to choose. looks like i'm going to be staying with the older version of facebook ...

Why do they need to have all that access and how do i know its not being used without my permission? this really makes no sense to me, but at least I have the option to say no.

Next was Linkedin, another social networking platform, which focus more on the professional networking aspect, clicking oi the update over there, brought the following screen:

Nice job Linkedin, no new permissions are needed, that update got installed right away.

Then came skype, which was bought by Microsoft and looks like they have an agenda that is och larger than just voice over ip:

looks like its old skype for me.

i'm sure you are getting the point by now, be careful about who you let into your phone because it knows a lot more about you and apps can access that info and use it for their creators benefit.

Update #1:

here is another permission heavy app, is Cisco planing to have another try at the consumer market ...

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